Hello! Around these parts I'm called Anatotitan, and I'm The Speed Gamers' official artist. And I'm here to celebrate the greatest winter holiday of all time. Of course I'm referring to OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!



Since this holiday is completely absurd and isn't to be taken seriously, anyone can join in! Make this into an event everyone can enjoy! Just follow these simple rules:

HELP OUT CHARITIES: Did you know The Speed Gamers are having a Pokémon marathon on December 18th? They'll be catching all 493 Pokémon within 72 hours to benefit Ally's House. This would be the perfect time to join in the fun. Donate during the show and help out a great cause! Make sure to promote the marathon long before it even starts! Spread the word! Get others to donate! Even if you can't give yourself, you can do your part by promoting. Outside of that, you can volunteer some time at local charities or support other causes. In other words, if you can help out anyone in any way, please do.

GIVE SOME CHEER: You can do this however you want. Sing some songs, make art, put up awesome OILD-themed decorations. Make everyone's life a little bit brighter!

GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET: If someone does something to make you happy, then make them TWICE as happy. Get into the happiest, most obnoxiously cheery rivalry of one-upmanship ever.

SPREAD OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!: Tell everyone about this holiday. Link to this page! Make sigs about it! Tip off gaming websites! Tell people about the soundtrack!



Yes! There is an official Obligatory Ice Level Day soundtrack! Three wonderful remixers helped make this great album. It may be small, but it's all about quality over quantity, people!


  1. "Holiday" ("Penguin" from Pop n' Music) by Posu Yan
  2. "Frost Bossa" ("Frost Man" from Mega Man 8) by Joshua Morse
  3. "Ice Cold Retro" ("Ice Cap Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 3) by Joshua Morse
  4. "A Wish" (from The Secret of Mana) by Select Start
  5. "Route 216" (from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl) by Select Start

Be sure to check out the artists' websites too! Show them love! Tell others about them and their sites! DO THIS FOR ME AS AN OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY PRESENT TO ME! AND DO IT FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. Seriously, turn these people into superstars. They deserve it!

Posu Yan - Website: posuyan.com and wushuplaya.com
Joshua Morse - Website: jmflava.com Other: Joshua Morse on Facebook Joshua Morse on Twitter
Select Start - Website: selectstartband.com Other: Select Start Facebook Group Select Start on Twitter Select Start on Myspace



Yes! Along with the super awesome soundtrack available above, there are also stylish wallpapers available for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy them.

*Click image to download full size*
Freezeezy Peak - (Banjo-Kazooie)
OILD Freezeezy Peak
Planet Freon - (Ristar)
OILD Planet Freon
Arctic Cavern - (Battletoads)
OILD Artic Cavern
Blizzard Buffalo’s Stage - (Megaman)
OILD Blizzard Buffalo’s Stage
Winters - (Earthbound)
OILD Winters
Sidewinder - (Halo)
OILD Sidewinder
Viaduct - (Team Fortress 2)
OILD Viaduct
Cold Water - (Ecco the Dolphin)
OILD Cold Water
Frappe Snowland - (Mario Kart 64)
OILD Frappe Snowland
Rainbow Resort - (Kirby's Adventure)
OILD Rainbow Resort
Snowpoint City - (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)
OILD Snowpoint City
The Summit - (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
OILD The Summit
Fichina - (Starfox 64)
OILD Fichina
Snow Barrel Blast - (Donkey Kong Country)
OILD Snow Barrel Blast
Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead - (Yoshi's Island)
OILD Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead
Ice Cave - (Final Fantasy)
OILD Danger - Ice Cave
Ice Forest - (Ghosts n' Goblins)
OILD Ice Forest
Sunset Rock - (Snowboard Kids)
OILD Sunset Rock
Welcome To The Temple - (Comix Zone)
OILD Welcome To The Temple
Icy Supermarket...? - (Yo! Noid)
OILD Icy Supermarket...?
Winter Season - (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons)
OILD Winter Season
Ice Cap Zone - (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
OILD Ice Cap Zone
Ice Country - (Secret of Mana)
OILD Ice Country
Christmas NiGHTS
OILD Christmas NiGHTS
Ice Land - (Super Mario Bros. 3)
OILD Ice Land

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